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When You Know For Sure You Are Laid Off !!!

Bang On!!!

Big & small companies practice the act of laying employees as one of the strategies to look at cost-cutting.  It may come as a shock to the employees, but as one would totally accept the fact that, no company goes for lay-off unless the Top Management strongly feels, it’s the last option to go for.

A company before doing so, does look at all available options, such as;

1. Taking additional debt from the market,

2. Selling off assets (non-billable, redundant & definitely not employees),

3. Going for pay-cut with respect to employees,

4. Closing certain business lines which aren’t profitable for the company,

5. Scaling up profitable business lines which doesn’t require much of investment and many more,

6. Reducing or cancelling the additional benefits such as food coupons, travel reimbursement & others,

7. Selling stakes in the company to an interested party, probably a larger organization,

8. Deferment of joining dates of new recruits,

9. Freeze on costly expenses such as Business Class Air Travels.

And at last, when nothing works, a company still looks at expecting their employees unconditional support towards the company and accepting a delay in the pay for few weeks or a month or two (I do agree that the employees who work on smaller pay scale can’t afford that though).

Well that was from the company side. Speaking with respect to the employees perspective, this isn’t the end for sure! End is only when you stop being Positive and rather being sarcastic about it, focus on doing the right thing. Few pointers which come to my mind as of now are;

1. Recollect the list of activities which have carried in your previous company which have added Value both to you as well as your Company,

2. Rethink on activities which back-fired and what you would have done if you have encountered a similar situation again,

3. Update your resume accordingly in all platforms which would give you a chance of getting on pay-roll again,

4. If you have enough cash surplus to support not just your day-to-day life, have a look at doing a certification or so which add value to your skill-set apart from making your resume stronger,

5. Try to introspect on what your colleagues (having similar Job Description) or higher ups used to do, in-terms of Job Activities or Decision making for which you often required their inputs. (This would for sure be a learning experience for you in-terms of how you can face a similar situation in your next job better),

6. Have a look at your emotional outburst for sure on Social Networking Sites, who knows your next employer can be one among your friends or you may have one of your references there (Networking Matters!!!),

7. Cut-down your expenses,

8. Last but not the least, “Stay Positive!!!”

Finally, whatever be the case, there’s one bottom-line rightly said, “Love your Job & not your Company!”.


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This entry was posted on November 1, 2012 by in When You Know For Sure You Are Laid Off!!!.
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